About Us
Our company is located in the centre of Yinzhou District,Ningbo,and built in 1982.Starting to process quick-frozen vegetable in 1985.It has became a state-class demonstration enterprise in agricultural product and by products processing,became a leader of agricultural enterprises of the district, the city,even the province,also became an enterprise applying the new and high-technology.There are 3 branch factories and 5 departments in our company.Mainly process quick-frozen vegetable,season foods,and salted and preserved foods,the annual volume of products is more than 9000 tons.The sale volume and output value are over hundred million yuan from 2003.
  To change the old appearance of workshops,to update the devices,to improve processing craft, to raise the amount produced,and to guarantee the quality, we invested 35 million yuan to rebuild a cold store covered 1707 square meters,a freesing seaon food branch covered 2160 square meters,a quick-frozen vegetable branch covered 1853 square meters,and a salted and preserved branch covered 4540 square meters.The equipments and hygiene facilities reach the top-level in domestic industry norm.
  Our company covers 34000 square metres,the area of building is 23000 square metres,formal workers'number is 122,seasonal ones is about 700.We own a high-temp store(400 tons)and a cold store(3500 tons).The processing devices are all made of stainless steel,and import the following foreign machines: high electrostatis separator,metal locator,weight distinguisher,vacuum packer,X-ray apparatus,liquid chromatograph,gas chromatograph,mass spectrometer,and other equipments.Our company pass the ISO9000 quality system certification in 1998,pass HACCP certification in 2001,and pass the ISO/DSO22000 management system certification of food safety.
  Our company own 1010mu pollution-free base,315mu belong-to-farm,500mu base of planting Brassica juncea,1000tons'preserved pool,and over 20000mu association bases.The raw materials and products are randomly sampled to examine every day for each batch in the determination center.All the workshops are set up the air conditioner and devices of water purification.These guarantee measures ensure our products never be returned and be restricted the export because of the high pesiticide residue or quality question.


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